Research in Communication


That’s the title of the COMM 290 class that I took during last spring semester. It is a required course for any Communication majors and minors; and I found that I was lucky to land a spot in that class right at my first year. There are certainly both good things and bad things about this class; well, at least in my point of view (I know couple of people who totally detested it L).

Now bad things first:

1>    The workload: It is undeniable that since it is my only 200-level class, it proves to give me an insane amount of work. We basically have a big paper for every 2 weeks, along with multiple small assignments. My 18-page final research proposal set me in the library for one and a half weeks before school ended, making me lose all communication with the outside world during that hectic times.

2>    Dr. Yang: I think she’s good but she’s not that original.

3>    I don’t know most of the people in the class.

4>    Well, at the end, I still passed it right? So why keep saying bad things about it?

Moving on then:

1>    Dr. Yang is actually super nice and compassionate toward her students (she helped me with a recommendation).

2>    Rex and Yusuf: They helped me a great deal in getting into Betas, and they are totally awesome guys. (One is hilarious, while one has swag: Guess which is who?)

3>    I actually saw more sophomores J (and a lot of them are DGs, which are super cool!)

The Confusion of Doing Communication

4>    And finally, I learned a lot more about writing a research paper within the Communication discipline. It is hard work, but once you finish it, you just gonna feel accomplished.

I will recommend COMM 290 for any students who want to learn about doing research, and who don’t mind getting bored… Don’t take class with Dr. Yang if you hate boredom, seriously!


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