Annual Fund Student Caller


I was lucky enough to land this job in February, after a very brief interview with Ned Huneke. He seems like a genuine guy who cares about the productivity of the annual fund, which fundraises the money from Denison alumni and parents. I work 6 hours per week, on Sunday and Monday night. The shift is always from 7 to 10 PM, though sometimes we might be able to get out early if there’re no calls left. The calling room is in the basement of Burton Morgan, right across the big auditorium where DCGA holds its weekly meetings every Tuesday evening.

We use a computer software called Smartcall, which register calling recipients under sorted categories such as graduation year, majors, D#, current jobs and locations lived… There are about 8, 9 computers in the room, and they’re on first come-first served basis (though there is always someone asking for shift cover each night). We callers have a script to read on from the screen, steps to follow when asking for money, and ways to follow-up with the recipients once they make donations (either through credit card or pledge slips). At the end of the shift, our managers will print our receipt and require us to sign thank-you.

Overall, I really enjoy the working culture of this job. I easily make friends with most other callers: from some I already knew (Anthony, Yi, Lucy, Sully…) to people I’ve met for the first time (Alex, Estelle, Anna E., Anna S., Quentin…) At the beginning of every shift, we will have daily question, posed by the managers, on a random topic (books you love, favorite musician, weekend plans, how final exams treating everybody…) During the two 10-minute breaks, we will usually watch YouTube videos, from Jimmy Fallon to musical covers. We can have drinks and candies (I loved KitKat!) anytime we want during calling. And finally, Ned gave out gift cards at the end of the year in order to reciprocate our hard work.

More importantly, I have learnt to build up customer-service skills, as well as a strong set of phone delivery and presentation techniques. I have brought this up many times during job cover letters, which is totally relevant. Moreover, talking to alumnus is super cool. Hearing their stories about Denison really makes me love the school more, no matter how clichéd that sounds. I especially remember that one time calling Charles Duggan, a Beta alumni, and talked with him about the fraternity in general (later I met him in person during alumni weekend, what a nice gentleman). Indeed, I genuinely look forward to working there again next semester and earn some dollars.


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