Intro to International Studies


Honestly, the only reason I decided to enroll in this class is for the GE requirement. INTL 100 satisfies a P (power & justice) and I (interdisciplinary) credit. This class is so-so: the teacher is ok (Dr. Algarotti is so relaxed at class attendance and reading assignments, the content is just enough (global economy, fractured identities, colonization…), and the classmates are at the right level, with some are more in the front side (talking about T and Nihal). Here is the message I sent to Dr. Algarotti at the end of the year as part of my class reflection:

“I just want to say thank you so much for a great semester with INTL 100. When registering for this class, I had the mentality that I only need to take it for the sake of GE requirements. However, I have learnt more information and knowledge in this course than any other ones during my second semester. I truly enjoyed doing news report in Finland, reading texts about global economy, and watching documentaries about privatization. The best part about this course is that I had no pressure having to finish homework, but I did the homework because I enjoyed learning more about globalization and the International Studies discipline. I hope you enjoyed reading my final exam and final essays, as I had spent a good deal amount of time to prepare and write them with care and dedication.” 

That pretty much sum up my post about INTL 100.

P.S: I almost forgot about “Soccer Empire.” Such a great book, read it if you care about Zidane’s Coup de Boule and French immigration movement!Image


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