Media and Cultural Criticism


The Teacher: Bill Kirkpatrick is just awesome. Literally! He has his unique way to engage students into class discussions and maintain a very exciting and energetic class atmosphere. Furthermore, he makes clear efforts to provide sound arguments to any ideas or opinions proposed by students, whether class topic-related or not. He introduced some cool software that aid us with college’s academic success: Evernote, Prezi, Zotero… Finally, he helped me with a recommendation for off-campus study, in which he was the catalyst that propelled me to choose that program.

The Students: I don’t know most of the people in the class perDark Knight Cover Photosonally; but hey, at least that gave me a chance to make new friends right? Drake, my later-to-be fraternal brother, is in there; well, he rarely talked, but once he did, his voice was majestic (that’s a genuine compliment Drake J). Nihal is definitely an interesting guy (I loved his sense of humor and a shared love for soccer). Jordan and Miller, the Lambda buds, were chilling in class, yet they are so supreme at contributing to class discussion. The girls were cool too (Hannah the Taylor Swift fanatic, Li – all I remember about her is the Japanese music video, Marilyn – she’s smart, Campbell – she’s just great…)

Class materials: I learned about sentimental kitsch and that guy Adorno. And heck yeah, I wrote about the Dark Knight trilogy for my paper (not that interesting as it sounds…)

My only complaint: 8:30… Fortunately I only missed 2 classes.


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