Tennis Team Office Worker


The front side of Mitchell Center

This is my official first on-campus employment at Denison, and the way I landed it was kind of random. In the last day of Thanksgiving Break, after our trip from Cincinnati, I signed up to work in a squash tournament for the squash coach, Coach Thieman, and the tennis coach, Coach Burling. I ended up working for straight 12 and ½ hours that Saturday, sitting in that reception table in Mitchell greeting participants and recording scoreboards (Well done, James!) After that, I impressed coach Burling with my dedication and he decided to hire me as an office worker for the tennis team. Pretty sweet right?

Whenever I want to work, I just need to text him to see if he’s available. Then, I will be in his office awaiting for work orders. Most of the time, the work is minimal, like making newsletters or cleaning up his office. What’s better is that I can do homework during my work time, which is more than convenient.

Coach Burling loves playing guitar, and he’s super into music as well. He’s been to every Vail Series performance, and always say hi to me in his convenience. Hey, the dude loves me, what’s better than that?

P.S: I am not a fan of Boston Red Sox at all, coach. I don’t know shit about baseball!


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