DCA HOPE Kitchen


This is the purpose statement I take directly from OrgSync to describe this organization:

Previously the DCA Campus Kitchen: The mission of the DCA H.O.P.E Kitchen is to recycle unused food and use existing resources from campus and the surrounding community to cook and distribute meals to local service organizations. The DCA H.O.P.E Kitchen strives to provide leadership and service opportunities to students on Denison campus that will lead to educational benefits and strong ties to Granville and the surrounding communities. Furthermore, the DCA H.O.P.E Kitchen aspires to meet hunger and nutritional needs in the surrounding communities.HOPE Kitchen Profile Pic

I have no experience of cooking at all. However, the reason that I joined this group is only because of the service component, a means to get involved with DCA (Denison Community Association). I and my roommate Saddan started volunteering with HOPE since October 2013, and we met Kristine Mallinson, who coordinated it at that time, and Kaity Millilo, her treasurer (Kristine is also chair of Break Away, another great service opportunity I will mention in the next post). We make cookies and pasta most of the time, and that usually lasts for an hour (it’s in the Open House Kitchen, a vegetarian place). At the end of the semester, Kristine gave the chair position for me. So since the spring semester, I have taken care of the group, coordinating weekly cooking session and raising the volunteers by 15%. Next year, we’ll be switching gear and making desserts instead of food, so for those dessert-lover out there, come join us!



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