Vail Series


You might wander: “What is Vail Series?”

Here you go:

Basically, it is a tradition Denison has had for over a hundred years. This program brings renowned musicians / artists to campus and generates about 4-5 performances annually that are open to all students, faculty staff, and local residents. Last year, we had famous vocalist Bobby McFerrin, world-known quartet Ethel, and guitar prodigy Julian Lage coming to campus (plus another Latino string ensemble).

The Vail Series staff is led by interim director Michael Morris and his assistant Kristy Bellofatto (they’re super nice people). There are two co-lead interns who oversee a team of 20 student workers, leading by 4 team leaders in the aspects of Marketing, Ticketing, Ushering, and Social Media. Last year, James Smith and Christopher Cole did a phenomenal job as co-lead interns, along with Ryan Li / Michelle A., Yeo Song / Tyler Gibson, Aissata Barry, and Myky Tran & Taylor Hallowell. Most of them were seniors and have graduated last May.

I have started working for the Vail Series since February, after a quick interview with Mike and James (I had to submit a resume and wrote a well-drafted cover letter, so it’s definitely worth it). I usually help out with ticketing and ushering. We always have the Vail Series ticketing booth in Slayer Union, sometimes in the library, Mitchell Center, and Burke Recital Hall depending on the performances. Students and faculty come by to pick up their tickets and sign their names once they are interested in going (of course I have to market the performances for them: how famous this artist is, what student ensembles will be up there performing along…) Although the tickets are all free for public, we do this to keep track of who’s going and to ensure that the Swasey Chapel, where the performances being held, will not be over-occupied. In terms of ushering, we give out the program guide to all audiences and make sure that nothing disrupts the performers.

Next year, I will be co-ticketing intern for Vail Series, along with Yeo Song Kwon and Ben Keller. Taylor Hallowell will be our lead interns, with Ryan Li & Morgan Phoenix in Marketing, Archit Agarwal in Ushering, and David Avalos in Social Media Outreach (big fish for you David!) It is going to be a great 14-15 season for Vail with 5 artists (promo: the Ahn Trio will be here, get excited!)


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