Big Brothers Big Sisters


Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is another DCA Committee that focuses on community development. The volunteers act as mentors for their little brothers or sisters in a nearby elementary / middle school in Newark. The program is called “Lunch Buddies”, in which volunteers come at a certain lunch time during a weekday and meet with their Littles.

I volunteer weekly along with a sophomore named Molly Burke in Wilson Middle School. Our program coordinator is Ms. Gayle Waite and she is a super nice woman. My little is Kevin Hutchinson, a 6th grader. Seems to me that he struggled a bit during the initial stage of the program, but gradually, he became more and more open and talkative, which was a great sign. We usually played some cardboard games, talked about our daily activities, answered questions, made rubber-bands, and even hanged outside with Frisbees. I am looking forward to next year to see if I get matched with Kevin again.

Molly drives me to volunteer every week, so thank you so much for that! We have good conversations in the car as well. I learned that she is in Delta Gamma sorority, and Ryan Keller, who later was my pledge educator for Beta, is her boyfriend. Hopefully we can still volunteer together before you study abroad in Denmark next year.

I highly encourage college students to participate in this program, since it helps you get involved with the local community and practice community service in a regular basis.

P.S: BBBS gets funded for more than $1,200 last semester thanks to Beta’s King of the Wing philanthropic event. So big props for that!


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