DU Lead 2013


DU Lead 2014-1

DU Lead… Well it was way back to the first month of school, during a weekend in September. The program lasted for a weekend, and it only opened to incoming first-year students, which is a good thing since we could easily made friends with peers in our class. About 60 of us marched on 2 buses going to Camp Joy, which is about 90 minutes from campus south of OH. Then we were divided into small groups of 7 to 8 students, led by 2 upperclassmen club advisors. I was in the Yellow “Fellows” group along with Marc Weaver, Fernando Magana, Reid Hirschey, Twisha Asher, Allison Murphy, Phuong Hoang, Kate Frandsen, and Priya Sigler. Our club advisors were Maddie Paule and Sam Heyman, who are great mentors…. This is my end-of-the-year reflection I posted into the Facebook group:

Hey guys, as summer comes and I reflect on this year, I have to say that DU Lead was the pivotal moment that allows me to make the fullest experience during my first year in college. It’s the first time I know that I am capable of developing personal growth and bringing positive effects to Denison campus. I believe that every single one of you has made great mark in Denison: from sports to the arts, from academic to co-curricular activities, from personal achievements to community development… I want to give special thanks to the senior leaders Samuel Thomas Heyman and Maddie Paule for opening up their hearts to us and giving great advice. I know you two will do great thing after graduation and I am looking forward to hearing your next achievements. For the rest of you, hope you all have a fantastic summer and come back next year with fresh energy and new motivations. Go YELLOW FELLOWS ❤

I truthfully mean it….DU Lead is “to make your mark” at Denison. I hope that upcoming freshmen will be able to experience this good opportunity to explore their Denison identities.


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