Spring Break LeaderShape 2014

My Family Cluster

My Family Cluster

Spring Break LeaderShape 2014… What a memorable experience it was! People say it’s life-changing. Some claim that they will change the world; others state that they make really close friends. I say it was inspiring. I cannot recite the experience here because there were just too much to tell. But, I did write a post on Facebook titled “Becoming a Leader”, deeply inspired by the experience:

18 years of my life I never really see myself as a leader. Back home, I was always a normal kid who sat in the middle of class, ranked academically in the middle of the table and participated averagely in class lectures. I was never the student who got the best grades in a subject, the kid who got the 1st prize in a National Exam or the one who was most actively in school involvement. There comes the fact that I always perceive my work to be “average”, “middle-of-the-road”, not horrible but assumingly not excellent. All those junior years passed by and I didn’t accomplish anything significant, or at least worth to be remembered. 

2 years in high school: I was totally in my own zone. That’s the time when I didn’t care about school work and focused more on studying English. I set my mindset for the possibility of going abroad very early and intensely worked on that. My perspective about a lot of things in my society changed, deviating from a lot of conventional norms and ideologies; while my peers were ignorant about that, sticking with what they were forced to learn in school. The education standardizes and generalizes everything, throwing us youth into the real world being sucked up all of our creativity. Going against being thrown into that pool of uncertainty, those 2 years, I learned, by myself, the new, the differents, the radicals.

2 years in boarding school: new environment, new culture, new people, new pressures, new anxieties, new happiness. I learned to adapt, to appreciate these newness es, to stretch myself in multiple dimensions and personalities… I think I did a solid job, knowing that my territory has been keeping to expand day by day, even until now. Nonetheless, I missed the opportunity to lead. I saw things I like, people I adore, interests I craze for; but I never want to have higher importance than what I’m currently have. Status quo hindered my long-term vision. However, I graduated, knowing that I did learn a lot, proud that someday this amount of knowledge will pay me back, with much greater results than I might would have been anticipated.

Yesterday I came back from a program called LeaderShape conducted by my school. The name says it all: it trains people to be leaders and shape leaders to be better leaders. It’s practical, powerful, permanent, and most importantly, universal. For a more specific description, the values within it are universal. How did that affect me? Well then, what I got out the most is certainly confidence. I realized that hesitancy is my biggest enemy and that it’s time for the invisible guard that protected me to be broken.

 For 4 years, I’ve been a learner. Now I’m ready to lead.

That’s how I transform into the leader I am today. All thanks to that experience.


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