DU Leadership Fellows

The Fellows Puzzle

The Fellows Puzzle

The Leadership Fellows is a group that coordinate leadership programs and values-based workshops throughout the academic year that serve the need of the student body with regard to leadership development. The fellows coordinate programs like DU Lead and LeaderShape, along with multiple other programs. Without a doubt, the group has built its identity and become a reliable resource for Denison students when they want to grow themselves personally and collectively as a community.

I got accepted into the Leadership Fellows in April, late in the second semester. This is a really popular organization on campus; and obviously a lot of people have applied to be a part of it, so I feel accomplished to grab the stronger edge to win over that competitiveness. The Leadership Fellows 2014-2015 includes Emma Bosley-Smith, Megan McCormick, John Baird, Jessica Aguilar, Amanda Peiff, Ryan Vagedes, Imani LaGrone, Archit Agarwal, Twisha Asher, Asesha Dayal, Ridhim Seth, and myself. Our advisor is still Natalie Keller Pariano. We said goodbye to our senior Lauren Tyger (who’s going to get a Master Degree in OSU), Rohin Daswani and Sunder Willett (who enter senior year and feel like they’re too busy to do this), and Meghan Pearce (Denison’s new president of the student body). We had an end-of-the year event in Bandersnatch last month to wrap things up this year and look forward to next year. Here’s the picture from the event: LFellows1

Next year is definitely going to be busy for the group. We still plan to coordinate these events: DU Lead, Signature, Personal Power, Leadershape (probably twice), O.N.E, and Stretch! DU Lead has been assigned to Ryan and Megan, and I believe they will do a great job with that. I’m thinking I might attempt at Signature or O.N.E, or even LeaderShape (hopefully I can do it with Ridhim) – although that might interfere with my winter break plans. Nevertheless, it will be a fun year and I am looking forward to see the fellows operate together.


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