Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity is another DCA committees, one that is in the same level with HOPE and Legal Aid. It is a group that build houses for the people to advocate for social development through hands-on physical labor. Last Winter Break, they had a trip all the way to Salem, NC to build houses. I bet that sounds fun (I was busy doing Break Away at the time).

I met Alex Couch, president of Habitat for Humanity, during a DCA Saturday Service Project in which we picked apples for a local family in Newark. She is a really nice person, who seems to be very dedicated into community service. Later on, she also became my DCA Cabinet check-in person for the second semester, regarding my chairship of HOPE and Legal Aid. She introduced Habitat for Humanity with me, and I learned that this is a national organization with various branches throughout the U.S.

The first time I signed up for a Habitat volunteer shift turned out to be an off-day. Deniz Aydogan took me and my friend Elijah to the building site, but there were no built because of the bad weather. Alex could have done a better job at communicating this information to us, but she failed. However, later Deniz took us to have some fast food, and I got to know him much better (I’m sure he is one of the person who advocated for me getting into Beta).

The second time worked much better. I and Elijah volunteered again, this time in Columbus, on a Saturday morning, along with Alex and couple of other girls. We basically spent 4 hours moving stuffs around and doing physical labor. I think it’s good to practice like that, getting off-campus to have some outdoor experience.

Hopefully I can help out for Habitat next year if time’s available.


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