Sustained Dialogue


Once again I have to mention DU Lead, because thanks to participating it, I was recommended Sustained Dialogue by Joshua Goldman and Sunder Willet, two of the club advisors, and later talked with Michaela Greiner, SD’s president at the time. Interestingly enough, I signed up for this group with the initial intention of making friends and finding my nice, and it did me just that. SDCN logo

Sustained Dialogue is a group that organizes weekly dialogues geared towards breaking invisible boundaries between different social groups on campus and raising discussions about issues that need to be discussed about regarding Denison’s campus climate. Issues have been including discrimination, drinking culture, education, gender equity, and sexual orientation. A group often comprises of 8 to 10 participants, who usually come from various ethnicities and backgrounds to ensure diversity, and meets in a weekly basis. There are two co-moderators who have gone through trainings to moderate the conversation and ensure that it goes smoothly.

During the first semester, I was in a group moderated by Yolanda Yang and Christian Erickson. The other participants are Ashley, Emily C., Sirena, Carolin, CeCee, and some others. The second semester seems to go better. My group was moderated by Yolanda again and Michaela Greiner, and the other participants are Ashley, Brenda, Steven S., Luchen, Christina C. along with others. Later, I applied to be part of the Leadership Team for SD and got the Secretary position, so I am really excited working along with Allison Sheldon, Erin Worden, Kate Frandsen, Twisha Asher, and Steven Simpkins in the team.


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