Day 1


I’m writing this note when it’s already 12:50 AM. We have to prepare for the day tomorrow super early and I need to wake up around 5:30. That’s less than 5 hours sleep! Well, I will have to get used to it soon since I might be awake during the upcoming days with the late-night World Cup treat. Anyway, just a few words about the first day of IM Venture:

1>    Fun and excitement: Clearly I see the joy and enthusiasm in the faces of every participants during the initial meeting, to the dinner and finally in the circle discussion. Thanks so much Van, Nhi, Si, Loc and others for putting it together.

2>    Making some new friends: I have made contacts with some cool guys, and hopefully will be able to sustain them long throughout the trip and even after it (Huy on getting to the bar soon, Loc on F&M, Thang with tennis, and Long with soccer night).

3>    Loc and Si are real jokers. I just love their personality J

4>    Long planning for trip ideas and historian-esque stuff with Thuc Anh. It’ll be a long two weeks….

5>    Finally, Rafael Nadal won Roland Garros again. How boring…

With that, I’m off to sleep.


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