…that I can’t keep track of blogging throughout the trip


Whoa, it’s been really 2 weeks since my last post (Day 1 of the IM Venture trip). This trip has really made me exhausted but filled my summer with awesome memories. Anyway, the real reason that kept me out of work is that I absolutely have had no time during the trip for writing. Days usually started around 7 AM and ended super late around midnight. If I don’t even have enough sleep then how can I even spend time for blogging. Now the trip ended, and I’ll be back to blogging again.


The above picture is a lovely portrait of the IM Venture family produced by the talented Thạch Thảo. Like the title of the Boyz II Men song “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, every member of the IM Venture family are still engaged in conversations about this experience with clear minds of getting back together. To keep things fresh in mind, in the upcoming posts, I will post notes and reflections from members of the IM Venture trip talking about this experience. Additionally, I plan to publish a series of short stories about the trip (very likely to be sorted by dates) with more detailed information, thanks to the hard work of myself and the lovely Thục Anh for taking daily diaries throughout the trip.

So expect some more IM Venture stories in the upcoming weeks / months, but first let’s review the notes from other IM Venture members.


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