When I ran for DCGA Senate


Early April of last academic year was a pretty busy time for me. Coming back to school after an overloaded week of Spring Break with Leadershape, I was so ready to make a change on campus. And I decided to run for a position in Student Senate, under the biggest and most powerful student-run organization on campus: DCGA. Standing for Denison Campus Governance Association, DCGA covers everything from setting rules and adopting policies, to funding organizations and proposing changes to the administration. The election happens annually during the spring semester for the presidency and vice-presidency, along with 8 senators for each class year.DCGA

My campaign lasted for about a week, with heavy investment of time (making posters and spreading the words through social media) and money (for printing color posters). One of my fellow running along with me is Ridhim Seth, also for a senate seat. We were working pretty well together and putting off a quite impressive campaign. Here are my two campaign cover photos that I spent quite amount of time creating through MyPoster.com (awesome site btw):2nd Campaign Poster1st Campaign Poster

Truth is, students here just don’t care about politics and student government. So this was basically a popularity contest. Nobody actually spent time reading candidate’s platforms. Additionally, the election committee made some minimal mistakes during the process as well. In brief, I didn’t win the election, coming short of 1 seat. Nevertheless, it was an impressive campaign that I could be proud of for how committed I was. Visit the campaign FB event I create for some more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/679110952149696/

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2 thoughts on “When I ran for DCGA Senate

  1. Bobby Craig

    Hey James! I think you might want to update this post! I love reading these…it’s great that you take the time to write out your thoughts.

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