Intro to Philosophy


This textbook is more than 1500-pages long…

This class with Dr. Jonathan Maskit is the hardest one that I took in my first year at Denison. We talked about things like Ethics, Morality, Personal Identity, Mind-body dualism… For example, do you know what a “categorical / hypothetical imperative” is? What do the philosophers take on views about “Freedom of the Will”? What makes a person? Continue reading


Intro to International Studies


Honestly, the only reason I decided to enroll in this class is for the GE requirement. INTL 100 satisfies a P (power & justice) and I (interdisciplinary) credit. This class is so-so: the teacher is ok (Dr. Algarotti is so relaxed at class attendance and reading assignments, the content is just enough (global economy, fractured identities, colonization…), and the classmates are at the right level, with some are more in the front side (talking about T and Nihal). Here is the message I sent to Dr. Algarotti at the end of the year as part of my class reflection: Continue reading

Media and Cultural Criticism


The Teacher: Bill Kirkpatrick is just awesome. Literally! He has his unique way to engage students into class discussions and maintain a very exciting and energetic class atmosphere. Furthermore, he makes clear efforts to provide sound arguments to any ideas or opinions proposed by students, whether class topic-related or not. He introduced some cool software that aid us with college’s academic success: Evernote, Prezi, Zotero… Finally, he helped me with a recommendation for off-campus study, in which he was the catalyst that propelled me to choose that program. Continue reading

Research in Communication


That’s the title of the COMM 290 class that I took during last spring semester. It is a required course for any Communication majors and minors; and I found that I was lucky to land a spot in that class right at my first year. There are certainly both good things and bad things about this class; well, at least in my point of view (I know couple of people who totally detested it L). Continue reading



This thread basically talks about my academic experience during my freshman year in college. I honestly have to say that college course load is significantly heavier compared to high school’s, even those I went to a really rigorous college-prep boarding school and took a bunch of AP classes. I can never forget couple of all-nights I put out this year, days when I rushed to complete the assignments after full procrastination the night before, and the last week of school when I basically lived in the library. Nevertheless, I enjoyed all my classes I have taken this year, as I learned very interesting things that I never expect before.