Vail Series


You might wander: “What is Vail Series?”

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Admission Host


Well, technically this is my job, but I have only done it twice, so I don’t really consider that I am employed. Being an admission host means being available during prospective students’ visit days to show them around the campus and letting them sleep in your room for one night. This is to introduce them to a college experience (activities, dorm life…) The two prospies whom I hosted are pleasant, though I’m not sure they have Denison materials (whatever that is). Both times I took them to Bandersnatch, getting some smoothies, showing them the Beta house, playing some cornhole… I remember the first guy is a planned Biochemistry major, the second one wants to do Media Communication. And that’s it! The only thing I like about the job is $40 per person I get after each overnight host.

Tennis Team Office Worker


The front side of Mitchell Center

This is my official first on-campus employment at Denison, and the way I landed it was kind of random. In the last day of Thanksgiving Break, after our trip from Cincinnati, I signed up to work in a squash tournament for the squash coach, Coach Thieman, and the tennis coach, Coach Burling. I ended up working for straight 12 and ½ hours that Saturday, sitting in that reception table in Mitchell greeting participants and recording scoreboards (Well done, James!) After that, I impressed coach Burling with my dedication and he decided to hire me as an office worker for the tennis team. Pretty sweet right? Continue reading

Annual Fund Student Caller


I was lucky enough to land this job in February, after a very brief interview with Ned Huneke. He seems like a genuine guy who cares about the productivity of the annual fund, which fundraises the money from Denison alumni and parents. I work 6 hours per week, on Sunday and Monday night. The shift is always from 7 to 10 PM, though sometimes we might be able to get out early if there’re no calls left. The calling room is in the basement of Burton Morgan, right across the big auditorium where DCGA holds its weekly meetings every Tuesday evening. Continue reading