The Art of Non-Sales Selling


Over the past one year and a half, I have been working as a Fundraising Assistant in the Annual Fund office at Denison. My responsibility is to call the alumni/ae to ask for their gifts for the Annual Fund. Now the job is tough, as I’ve met with so many rejections since the beginning; however, it actually has trained me for an incredibly important skills: sales. As a huge advocate of entrepreneurship, I came to realize that a world of entrepreneurs is a world of salespeople: the exchange of ideas, products, skill sets, or service. In addition to that, the liberal arts education at Denison provides me skills that stretch across functional boundaries – something called “elasticity.” In a world of competitive job search, every employer looks for potential employees with high elasticity, and sales skill is definitely a belonging element. Ultimately, college graduates need to sell themselves to the recruiters, right?

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